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NOTES: For First Timers & Coaches Please open and read all the information in this link.  Thank you


  1. For Junior and non Black Belts: Your Coach / Instructor will need to read J1 and J2 waiver and release forms in the tournament package.  They will need to give you their approval to click “YES” on the Instructor Approval question in the Online Registration form below for you to enter the tournament.
  2. Pay for the number of Judoka you are registering.  Use the pull down option to select number of Judoka and then click the donate button.  Make note of payment Receipt number.  You will need to enter it at the end of the online registration.
  3. Fill out the Online registration form below.
  4. You and or your child are now registered.  You will receive registration conformation email.  Please check you email for this conformation.  If, for some reason you did not receive it, email tournament registration Coordinator to confirm entry into tournament.