School & Club Registration

To register your dojo with Alaska Judo, Inc. please fill out and mail the Club Application form, your club registration fees ($25 made payable to Alaska Judo, Inc. and $50 made payable to USA Judo), and your coach certification information to:

AJI Registration Chair
c/o Mark Langberg
3349 West 100th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99515

The person registering the club must be a certified coach, and have current first aid and CPR certification.
The coaching froms can be downloaded from the USA Judo website.
If you are not yet a certified coach, Alaska Judo, Inc. periodically holds coaching certification clinics for those desiring to become a certified coach.

Club Membership benefits include:

  1. $1,000,000 per occurrence Commercial General Liability coverage, $5,000,000 Excess Liability and $25,000 Excess Accident coverage for regular or primary members participating in covered events.
  2. The ability to apply for sanctions for tournaments and clinics through USA Judo.
  3. Votes in Alaska Judo, Inc. board meeting calculated by the number of registered USA Judo members in your club.
  4. Premium listing and a dojo information page on
  5. Discounted web hosting with Jacob’s CHAOS for your Martial Arts Schools website.