Shime Waza

For participant safety and to ensure proper technique is developed, Judo should only be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Shime waza (tightening technique) cover both strangulation (occluding blood flow) and choke (occluding the air way). The majority of the techniques, when properly applied will occlude the blood blow.

Nami juji jime - Normal cross strangulation

Kata juji jime - Half cross strangulation

Gyaku juji jime - Reverse cross strangulation

Hadaka jime - Naked strangulation

Kataha jime - Single wing strangulation

Okuri eri jime - Sliding lapel strangulation

Katate jime - One hand strangulation

Ryo te jime - Two hand strangulation

Sankaku jime - Triangle strangulation

Sode guruma jime - Sleeve wheel strangulation

Tsukkomi jime - Thrusting stangulation

Do jime - Torso stangulation