Rank and Promotions

Board of Examiners

The Alaska Judo Board of Examiners has promotional authority through sandan (3rd degree black belt), and makes recommendation to USA Judo for promotions of yodan (4th degree black belt) and above.

Alaska Judo’s current promotion examiners are:


Mr. Mark Langberg

Yodan (4th Degree Black Belt)


Mrs. Yvette Dempsey

Godan(5th Degree Black Belt)


Mr. Jay Watts

Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. David Cheverie

Godan (5th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Howdice Brown

Yodan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Josh Brown

Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Mr. Damien Horvath

Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)

Promotion forms and fee schedules can be found below. As a reminder, items required by USA Judo are:


1.    The promotion form filled out & signed, per instructions.

2.    Background check application (this can be done in advance and just submit the results with the promotion paperwork).

3.     2x2 passport style photo.

4.     SafeSport training certificate. This needs to be completed in advance. This is free on-line training and should take roughly 3 hours total time. There are 3 distinct parts to achieve the certificate, and once that is completed it is good for 1 year. Then, there are annual renewal requirements (1 part of the 3 every year) to maintain it. See the SafeSport website. https://www.teamusa.org/usa-judo/safe-sport-program

5.     Concussion training certificate (CDC approved). This also needs to be completed in advance. This also is free on-line training, and needs to be renewed every 2 years. See the CDC website, or there are 1 or 2 other organizations that offer CDC-type training that is acceptable to USA Judo. This training takes about an hour. https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html

6.     Not required, but any coach and referee certificates a candidate may have earned should be included with the promotion paperwork.

USA Judo BackgroundApplication.pdf
Promotion Fee Schedule.pdf
Copy of 20200914 USA Judo dan rank promotion form.pdf