Te Waza

For participant safety and to ensure proper technique is developed, Judo should only be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor

Te waza (hand techniques) are throws in which tori's (the executioner of the technique) hands play a central role in executing the technique.

Seoi nage [Morote seoi nage] - shoulder throw [two hand shoulder throw]

Ippon seoi nage - one shoulder throw

Seoi otoshi - shoulder drop

Tai otoshi - body drop

Kata guruma - shoulder wheel

Sukui nage - scooping throw

Obi otoshi - belt drop

Uki otoshi - floating drop

Sumi otoshi - corner drop

Yama arashi - mountain storm

Obi tori gaeshi - belt grap throw

Morote gari - double hand reap

Kuchiki taoshi - decaying tree throw

Kibisu gaeshi - heal tumbling

Uchi mata sukashi - inner thigh throw slip

Ko uchi gaeshi - minor inside counter

Te guruma - hand wheel (A form of sukui nage, scooping throw)