State Coaches

Sensei Jay Watts

Capital City Judo Dojo, Juneau Alaska

Current President of Alaska Judo

Alaska Judo BOE Secretary

USA Judo National Certified Coach

Current Rank: Sandan

When did you start Judo: I Started Judo in 1992.

Favorite Judo Moment: Having sushi with Mike Swain and talking about judo and winning the Alaska State Team Trophy in 2019.

Favorite Judoka: Koga, Kayla Harrison, Marty Malloy, Jimmy Pedro, Mike Swain, Kimura

Sensei David Cheverie

Current Club: Anchorage Dojo - Anchorage Alaska

Currently a member of Alaska Judo Grading Board, Alaska Referee Committee, and Alaska State Judo Championship committee.

USA Judo National Certified Coach and Referee.

Current Rank: Godan,

Started Judo at age 12. 1976 in Pictou Nova Scotia Canada under Sensei Dave Anderson.

Moved to Anchorage in 2008 and joined Mountain View Judo Club under Sensei Dee High.

Favorite Judo Memory: Too many to list.

Favorite Judoka: Yasuhiro Yamashita

Sensei Howdice Brown

Mat-Su Judo, Mat-Su Alaska

AJI 1st Vice President and BOE

USA Judo Continental Certified Coach and Referee

Current Rank: Yodan

When did you start Judo: I started Judo in 1981 with Rabbit Creek Judo with Head Sensei William Davenport in Anchorage Alaska. I studied with Rabbit Creek Judo until 1988 when I joined the Army from 1988 through 1995. During my time in the Army I started Fort Polk Judo School from 1989 to 1991.

Favorite Judo Moment: Too Many to list

Favorite Judoka: Koga, Yamashita, Harison, Malloy, Reser, Liddy, and Pedro Takahashi.

Sensei Damien Horvath

Capital City Judo Dojo, Juneau Alaska


USA Judo National Certified Coach

Current Rank: Shodan

When did you start Judo: I started in 2007 under Sensei Jay Watts (this century)

Favorite Judo Moment: So far it has been Coaching and winning at Nationals in San Diego and Helping to Coach CCJ to their first ever Team Trophy at the State Tournament .

Favorite Judoka: R.Rousey, Jean LeBell, Travis Stevens, Teddy Reiner, Illiadis and Neil Adams for making every match exciting .

Sensei Jay Watts from Capital City Judo put on a great coaching clinic this past weekend. He went over lesson plans, lesson development and the importance of consistency and " bite sized chunks " in lesson planning. Thank You to Anchorage Dojo and Sensei Mark Langberg for hosting us and thanks to Jay for a fun and informative day on the mats!