Referee Certification Levels

Referees should start refereeing in their club (dojo) to begin to develop their skills and attending referee clinics to further expand their knowledge.  Club referees may referee local tournaments with the approval of the head referee of the tournament, and may take the mat and written examinations to become a local referee.

Requirements to become a certified USA Judo Referee

Alaska Judo holds referee clinics from time to time. If you have completed your CPR, First Aid, SafeSport, and Concussion training, and there isn't a clinic schedule please contact us so we can help facilitate organizing a referee clinic.

USA Judo National Referees

Howdice Brown

Mat-Su Judo

David Cheverie

Anchorage Dojo

Jacob Dempsey

Excel Judo

Mark Langberg

Anchorage Dojo

USA Judo Regional Referees

Steve Callaghan

Anchorage Dojo

USA Judo Local Referees

Emily Mahn

Anchorage Dojo